Gagan Ferrotech Ltd. produces a wide range of Continuously casted Billets in its Integrated Steel Plant. The state-of-art technology of Concast AG Zurich imparts international quality standards and ensures smooth and defect-free casting of billets. M.S. Billets are used for rolling of TMT Re-Bars of Fe415 and Fe500 Grade. The following are the sizes of Billets available with Gagan Ferrotech Ltd.:

 100 X 100

 130 X 130

 160 X 160

Physical Properties:

DescriptionAs per IS 2830Gagan Billets
Bend (max.)5 mm per meter>= 5 mm per meter
Carbon (max.)3mm per meter>= 3 mm per meter
Length3 mt – 13 mt3 mt – 9 mt

Billets of different designations are manufactured in three different grades namely A, B, C having sulphur, phosphorous content (on ladle analysis) and carbon equivalent as follows:

Chemical Analysis:
GradeSulphurPhosphorousCarbon Equivalent (CE)1

Carbon equivalent based on ladle analysis =

C+ Mn +Cr+Mo+V +

Features: The following are the Special features of the Gagan Billets:

Excellent Surface Finish: The Billets produced by Gagan Ferrotech Ltd. are free from any surface crack or lamination. Magnetic particle test in order to identify any crack on the surface is done on a regular basis as per its Quality Management Plan.

Dimensional Tolerance: Billets at Gagan Ferrotech Ltd. are produced strictly in accordance to IS 2830 for dimensional tolerance.

No Internal Defects: The Billets produced are free from any internal defects. Defects such as piping blowholes and pinholes are identified and segregated by Sulphur Print Test.

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