Gagan Ferrotech Ltd. manufactures Thermo Mechanically Treated re-inforcement bars using the world renowned Thermex Technology. “Gagan TMT” Re-Bars are produced in the state-of-art plant under close supervision of its front-line senior engineers. Gagan TMT is the only one that is produced through a thorough process with adequate capabilities, process optimisation and strict control that should be used.

Cost Saving

Gagan Thermex TMT Bars are very cost effective and saves steel up to 20% being technically superior and having higher tensile strength that other TMT bars.


Fe415: Houses, small buildings etc

Fe500: Houses, high rise buildings, industrial constructions,bridges, roads, dams etc.

Fe600: Houses, high rise buildings, industrial constructions,bridges,roads, dams etc.

Better fatigue strength, 100% weldability, excellent bendability, strong and extra casting grip with cement

 Better control on chemical composition with automatic rolling scientific design for better quality

 Tensile strength 20% extra compared to ISI

Sectional Weight: Comparative Chart with ISI Standard
Tolerance Limit in Kg/mtPer Wt. Var. Gr./mIndv. Sample %varWeight tolerance in Kg/mtWt. Var. Gr./mWeight tolerance Grams/ftWt. Var. Gr./mIndv. Sample % Var
8mm0.3950.367 to 0.42356± 70.367 to 0.39932112 to 12210+1 -7
10mm0.6170.574 to 0.66086± 70.574 to 0.62349175 to 19015+1 -7
12mm0.8880.844 to 0.93288± 50.844 to 0.89753257 to 27316+1 -5
16mm1.5801.501 to 1.659158± 51.501 to 1.59695458 to 48628+1 -5
20mm2.4702.396 to 2.544148± 32.396 to 2.48286730 to 75727+0.5 -3
25mm3.8503.735 to 3.965230± 33.735 to 3.8691341139 to 117940+0.5 -3
28mm4.8304.685 to 4.975290± 34.685 to 4.8651451428 to 147345+0.5 -3
32mm6.3106.121 to 6.499378± 36.121 to 6.3401891866 to 192458+0.5 -3
36mm7.9907.750 to 8.230480± 37.760 to 8.0302402363 to 243673+0.5 -3
Mechanical Properties (Fe 415/500/600) Grade (IS-1786:2008) / GAGAN THERMEX QST
0.2% Proof Stress415.0 N/mm2500.0 N/mm2550.0 N/mm2600.0 N/mm2480.0 N/mm2525.0 N/mm2575.0 N/mm2628.0 N/mm2
Tensile Strength485.0 N/mm2545.0 N/mm2585.0 N/mm2660.0 N/mm2550.0 N/mm2600.0 N/mm2660.0 N/mm2719.0 N/mm2
% Elongation
Bend TestUp to incl. 22 mm 3D
Over 22 mm 4D
Satisfied Bend Test
Re-bend TestUp to incl. 22 mm 5D
Over 22 mm 6D
Satisfied Rebend Test
The raw material (Billets) which are used for making bars, must have the following chemical composition which we maintain.
ComponentsPercent Maximum
Fe 415Fe 500Fe 550Fe 600
Sulphur & Phosphorus0.1050.1000.0900.074
For better or quaranteed weldability Carbon shall be restricted to 0.25% maximum

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